Ready-to-go virtual machine for publishing your own research publications and people metadata on the Semantic Web.

Download Croquette VM (v1.0-RC)

Cook your own dog food.

Why cooking for the Semantic Web ?

The Web of Data is a decentralized paradigm, where each data producer is the source of authority of his own structured data. By structured data, we refer to the Linked Data principle. We want to encourage each laboratory involved in Semantic Web research to cook their own semantic data using Croquette virtual machine, so that the sum of all croquette instances over the world would constitute a Semantic Web dog food. Such a distributed corpus should match the idea of a real Web of Data playground, in which the different issues that the Semantic Web is facing today such as provenance, consistency, scalability, performance, temporal evolution, etc. could be experiment on a worldwide scale. Croquette only takes as input the list of bibtex files (filesystem or URLs) that you are already used to managed in order to fill the triplestore.

The recipe.

In order to cook your own Croquette instance, apply the following :

Must do :
1 Download Croquette, set IP and hostname and edit /etc/hosts
2 Edit sesame servername accordingly here
3 Add bibtex files to process using the example provided in the crontab of the user ubuntu
4 Ready-to-go ! Access your sparql endpoint

Optional :
5 Configure snorql with the hostname in /opt/dogfood/snorql/snorql.js, so that you can browse a snorql Web interface at here
6 Drop us an email so that we know about your node !
Login/password of the operating System : ubuntu/reverse
Be sure to change it

Linked Data schemas in Croquette.

Prefix Namespace Usage
dc Basic metadata on a document (creator, title, ...)
foaf People (authors) and organisation (their university) in the corpus, using foaf:Person and foaf:Organization
swrc Bibtex publication metadata traduction into Semantic Web (category, abstract, pages, ...)
geo Geolocalisation of conference venues and organisation work places.
ical Time-related description of conferences and workshop.
swc Conference event metadata such as a given talk at a conference.

Authors : chgravier and @JulienSubercaze
© Université Jean Monnet, Institut Mines Télécom